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LifeAfter Credits
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LifeAfter is a game set in a post-apocalyptic world where players are required to do whatever means necessary to survive. Party up with friends and conquer different types of bosses and environments, with each success being more satisfying.

About LifeAfter Credit

Survival is tough, but surviving in LifeAfter is one of the most adrenaline-dependent games there is!

LifeAfter NetEase

Get additional LifeAfter Credits from OffGamers and continue your survival journey in this ghoulish apocalyptic world today!

These FED Credits can also be used to make your game experience much more enjoyable with needed weapon upgrades and various other customisations.

Skill points, plants and building items can also be purchased using these credits to make for better overall gameplay.

tips & tricks for LifeAfter

Getting Better: Top 3 Tips and Tricks for LifeAfter

If you are new to the survival-horror genre, here are some ideas and tips that might help make your experience with LifeAfter much smoother.

Do Your Dailies

Make sure to always complete your daily tasks given to you. These tasks are designed to make players be more accustomed to the game while also rewarding players with valuable experience.

Bring More Weapons

It is always wise to have more weapons in your arsenal. For instance, be sure to have more than one type of equipment you can rely on.

This is because weapons can overheat in this game, having an extra weapon to switch to when it is happening is never a bad option.

Go for the Mini Bosses

You might find—especially for rookies—that the main bosses can be a pain to defeat. Therefore, we recommend players that are still relatively new to the game to first attempt the mini bosses before hopping into the main bosses.

These mini bosses can be attempted alone or with a small group of players. While the rewards might not be as great as the main bosses, the experience and drops are definitely worth your while.

Payment Methods

To make our customers’ experience with us better, we have gone the extra length to have multiple payment options with preferred ones like PayPal and RazerGold.

Of course, if you would prefer alternative options, OffGamers also supports online banking and selected e-wallet options.

Frequently Asked Questions About The LifeAfter Credits

How do I top up the LifeAfter Credits on OffGamers?

1. Select your choice of credit amount from our product page
2. Press the ‘direct top-up’ button
3. Enter your Account ID and Server
4. Select your preferred payment method and other required details and the credits will be added to your LifeAfter account.

Are LifeAfter Credits region locked?

While there is not any known region lock for the credits, the game itself is region locked for certain countries, so do check beforehand whether LifeAfter is available in your country or not.

Important Note

Before purchasing the LifeAfter credits from OffGamers, here are a couple of things you would need to consider.

- Ensure that you have inserted the correct information about your account to prevent the possibility of topping up in the wrong account or to have any potential delays.

- On the off chance that the information provided by the user is invalid, no refunds or compensation will be provided to the customer.