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LifeAfter Credit (NetEase Pay)

LifeAfter Credit or LifeAfter Federation Credit is a form of currency that is used in LifeAfter. It is used to purchase goods to survive in the post-apocalyptic world that was developed by NetEase Games. These goods include cosmetic items such as clothing, furniture, and skill points and are converted into gold bars to be traded with players in the open market. LifeAfter Credit via NetEase pay grants you the ability to purchase such goods in LifeAfter. It makes your post-apocalyptic experience enjoyable.

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LifeAfter Credit (NetEase Pay) is available in the following categories:
- LifeAfter 4,880 + 888 Credits USD74.99 (NetEase Pay)
- LifeAfter 2,980 + 488 Credits USD46.99 (NetEase Pay)
- LifeAfter 1,980 + 288 Credits USD29.99 (NetEase Pay)
- LifeAfter 980 + 128 Credits USD14.99 (NetEase Pay)
- LifeAfter 500 + 58 Credits USD7.99 (NetEase Pay)

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How to redeem LifeAfter Credit (NetEase Pay)

1. Go to LifeAfter website.
2. Click on the gold shiny box to redirect you to the LifeAfter top-up page.
3. Ensure you select the appropriate country
4. Login via User ID login, confirm your server and User ID.
5. Select NetEase Pay.
6. Select the amount based on the value stated on the card that you have purchased.
7. Input the Game Code card number and password.
8. Click on Activate to redeem your LifeAfter credits.

About LifeAfter

“LifeAfter” is a multiplayer mobile apocalyptic survival game developed by NetEase Games. Set in a Post-Apocalyptic world where the player has to gather resources, craft items, and gear, and build their own shelter to fend themselves to stay alive in this zombie-infested world. Team up with other survivors to complete challenges and survive the post-apocalyptic world.

Important Note

Before purchasing the LifeAfter credits from OffGamers, here are a couple of things you would need to consider.

- Ensure that you have inserted the correct information about your account to prevent the possibility of topping up in the wrong account or to have any potential delays.

- On the off chance that the information provided by the user is invalid, no refunds or compensation will be provided to the customer.