Naruto Slugfest X

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Top Up Naruto Slugfest X Gold

Naruto Slugfest X Gold is the premium currency of the Naruto Slugfest X game that you could use to purchase anything from the game’s in-game store. You can use it to recruit higher-ranking partners in the game and buff up your team.

So, make sure to top up Naruto Slugfest X Gold from us today for a stronger and undefeated team!

Best Naruto Slugfest X Classes

There are four main classes in Naruto Slugfest X for you to choose from, and when you reach level 30, you can change into different sub-classes as well. The four classes are Earth Keeper, Blazing Lotus, Thunder Assassin and Wind Shooter.

Earth Keeper

The Earth Keeper class helps with defence and is the best class for those who enjoy being Tanks. They can switch from defence to assault or potent type, and as such is the front line of the battle. Those in the Earth Keeper class have powerful AoE attacks and are good at crowd control.

Blazing Lotus

Blazing Lotus is the Medic of the lot and is the best Supporter or Healer class. You’ll be able to switch between Pyro and Medical to heal and attack. This class sacrifices their own HP in order to deal substantial damage to enemies, has fast movement speed and can be resilient to crowd control attacks.

You’ll always need a healer on your team, so this is an essential character to have around.

Thunder Assassin

For those that enjoy switching between mobile and stealth-based characters, Thunder Assassin is a good pick. This character focuses on close and mid-range attacks in combat, dealing massive damage to their enemies in the process. They can attack enemies from behind and absorb some damage as well.

Attacking enemies from behind allows them to raise their critical rates and deal more damage.

Wind Shooter

This class is more of a range and tactical class, as they prefer to attack from far. They can disrupt enemy formations and deal large amounts of damage from a safe distance. Pair them with some ranged weapons and they can deal even more damage from afar.

The agility Wind Shooter types are those who prefer a hit and run approach when it comes to fights in order to escape trouble and not get damaged in the process. Sounds exciting? Well, then get your Naruto Slugfest Top Up from us today!