Super SUS

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Top Up Super Sus - Golden Star (Mobile)

Super Sus is an incredibly enjoyable and thrilling social deduction game that can be shared with friends on mobile, where your ability to determine who your friends or enemies are will be instrumental to your survival.

Aside from enjoying the game as-is with its various game modes, you can also customise your character with various cosmetics, animations, and emotes, which can be acquired after post-game match rewards chests, which can also be purchased with Golden Stars.

These Golden Stars can be earned through gameplay, or you can also top up Super Sus Stars at OffGamers, where you can buy it for cheap and quick using our Direct Top Up service!

How to Level Up in Super Sus

With integrated game modes from various popular titles like Among Us, Squid Game, and Werewolf, your game sessions in Super Sus will always be full of fresh and pulse pounding moments where you not only have to deal with impostors, but also neutrals who only have it out for themselves.

Aside from casual play in classic mode, you’re also able to participate in ranked matches with people all around the world to prove who’s the best in sussing out enemies.

Winning a match by sussing out all impostors, eliminating the majority of the crew, or accomplishing the specific tasks your role is given will consequently reward you with Glory points, which count towards your level. The more you win and the more you level up, the more stuff you can unlock, like skins, cosmetics, and new roles to play as in the various game modes Super Sus has in store.

Levelling up in the Ranked ladder will also reward you with special Season rewards depending on how high you’ve climbed, with great exclusives like special effects, customization options, and more.