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About TTRacing

TTRacing is a gaming chair company that provides long hours of comfort for greater productivity and performance. Dedicate to creating high-quality ergonomic gaming chairs that create a seamless seating experience for users. TTRacing go the extra mile in equipping our chairs with ergonomic features that support your body when you’re sitting down so that you can achieve increased productivity and performance. Whether you’re working or relaxing, TTRacing chairs are guaranteed to be a great companion during any kind of activity.

Which Chair Is Right For You?
Choosing the right TTRacing chair should be based on what you want out of a gaming chair. This can include size, materials, pricing, adjustability or overall comfort experience. When choosing the chair, you might be considering whether you want the freedom to adjust your comfort experience or if you feel comfortable reclining or sitting upright? To help make your decision easier on which TTRacing chair is right for you, it is best to look at the product chart and follow our product recommendation below.

The Duo V3 is suited for those who just want a basic chair to work with and at the same time, wanting to be comfortable for up to 8 hours when working or playing. It is also the cheapest option in our product lineup, which is good for users who are on a budget and wanting to enjoy long hours of comfort from the basics.

For those who want a chair that fits most body sizes, we recommend the Swift X 2020 that is suited for those measuring at a height between 160-200 cm. The chair also comes with some decent comfort features such as a bucket seat design and lumbar and neck pillows.

If you prefer to have more control over your chair’s comfort experience, the TTRacing Surge is the right chair for you. Thanks to the wider recline angle and 4D adjustable armrests, you can find the right seating position for yourself when you’re watching movies or relaxing.

Design-wise, the TTRacing Maxx is the most stylish and comfortable of all our gaming chairs from the smooth faux leather and velour material to the classy-looking stitching. At the same time, it has decent features that can keep you seated for up to 12 hours. In other words, the Maxx is the perfect chair for those who prefer style and function.

So, as you can see, each model has a unique set of features for different preferences such as body sizes, comfort, design and function. We hope that with the information provided, you will be more confident in picking the right chair for yourself.
- This product is only applicable for West Malaysia.