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Viu Premium
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Get access to Viu’s premium features and get more out of Viu’s library of video streaming content with a Viu Subscription Voucher from OffGamers! Redeem this code for your account and instantly gain access to all of the great features of the Viu platform, without needing to use your personal information to subscribe.

Get your subscription voucher from OffGamers today and enjoy our site’s great features such as secure payment processing, instant delivery for digital goods, and of course, our cheap prices!

Perks of Viu Premium Subscription

OffGamers Viu Gift Voucher

On Viu, you can enjoy the use of their platform with a free account with basic features such as:
Access to regional dramas and variety shows.
Availability on your phone, tablet, or PC.
480p SD video resolution
1 download at a time

However, you can make your experience on Viu better with a Viu Subscription, which lets you access premium features, which include:
Unlimited access to Asian movies, dramas, and variety shows.
Shows are made available for viewing on Viu as fast as 8 hours after their original broadcast.
Support for the Viu TV app and/or TV casting.
No ads.
Unlimited downloads.
1080p Full HD video resolution.

OffGamers Payment Methods for Viu Subscription

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Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal are some of the most popular payment methods shared between almost all of our customers from different countries.

If you’re looking for specific methods tailored to your country and/or currency, visit this page for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions about Viu Subscription Voucher

How to redeem Viu Premium Subscription Voucher?

Go to Viu’s official website and click on ‘Redeem Code’ under ‘Member’ at the top right corner of the screen, or scroll down to the bottom of the page to find ‘Redeem Code’.
Type in your redemption code and complete the captcha as indicated.
Click ‘Next Step’ and log into your existing account, or register a new account if you’re new to Viu.
Continue through any further instructions to complete your redemption process. Your Viu subscription fee will be deducted from your voucher’s value.

Where to buy Viu Premium Subscriptions?

You can purchase them from OffGamers, where we offer them at cheap prices. Not only that, but we also have discount deals for our products during certain events like Christmas and New Year, so make sure you check on our website on these dates and holidays to catch bargain deals!

What’s the device limit for Viu Premium?

With premium, you can use up to a maximum of 4 devices - 3 devices (TV, Smartphone, or Tablet) and 1 PC, all at the same time.

How to download videos on Viu?

On the video page, click on the Download button icon right next to each episode’s listing to download the episode of your choice.

Does the subscription code expire?

The subscription voucher does not have a hard expiration date, but we still heavily suggest that you redeem your code as soon as possible to avoid potential complications while using Viu.