Wobbly Jungle

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Wobbly Jungle
Wobbly Jungle Steam Key (Global)
Wobbly Jungle Steam Key (Global) Discount Promo
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About Wobbly Jungle Steam Key (Global) Discount Promo

Wobbly Jungle incredibly sweet, but it will drive you to the brink of insanity! That's because in Wobbly Jungle the wolf's in sheep's clothing – erm, sorry... in Sina's enemies!

You have to survive 60 challenging levels that will demand everything from you. The sweet look is actually crystal clear camouflage, as a variety of enemies and obstacles lie in wait. Are you ready to face this challenge? Only those who demonstrate perfect timing and fast fingers stand any chance at all – true to the motto "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!"

In addition to the 60 increasingly difficult and varied levels, lots of challenging enemy types await you, as well as a rewarding "surprise" at the end. Some enemies can be defeated; others you're probably better off avoiding – preferably without stumbling right into the next trap. Get Wobbly Jungle Steam Key (Global) Discount Promo via OffGamers now!

- Varied and exciting: 60 challenging levels await you

- Gleeful: See where other players died and leave them behind you

- Challenging: Whether or not you finish the level is entirely in your hands

- Smart and forward-looking: Many enemies lie in wait – it's probably best to avoid them.

- Confrontational: Compare your skills with those of your friends with the level summary


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