World of Warcraft

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World Of Warcraft

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3 Tips & Tricks for World Of Warcraft

Set in the fictional world of Azeroth, WoW allows players to create avatar-style characters and explore a sprawling universe while interacting with NPCs and other real-world players. Various quests, battles, and missions are completed alone or in guilds, and the rewards for success include gold, weapons, and valuable items, which are used to improve one’s character. WoW offers a rich class system of characters, allowing gamers to play as druids, priests, rogues, paladins, and other fantasy-related classes.

As such, if you’re just starting out in the World of Warcraft, consider tips and tricks to improve your gameplay:

Autoloot Everything

Shift + Right Click on a kill. Saves a ton of time. Or better yet, turn automatic looting on in the interface menu. Get as many quests as you can at once. Don't take on quests "one at a time." When entering a new map region, first visit the "main" town, speak to every NPC, complete every mission, and then move on to exploring. Don't be hesitant to move on from one mission to another. Spending time on pointless quests is not worthwhile.

Assemble A Team

Guilds are essentially large families who work together to slay bosses, laugh together, and wipe together. To max out your valour points, you’ll probably need to run a couple of heroic dungeons each week unless you’re tearing up the progression charts. When doing these dungeons, having a buddy is beneficial.


Killing stuff a few levels below you (con green) is a GREAT way to quickly rack up EXP and grind out a level. You don't take much damage, you kill them fast, and you have quick recovery. Fast, numerous smaller EXP gains add up over time much quicker than higher, but slower EXP gains with more down time. If you are struggling with a quest, you may want to consider 'level grinding' yourself by spending time killing lesser creatures and then tackle the quest.