WW2: Bunker Simulator

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About WW2: Bunker Simulator

In WW2: Bunker Simulator, you’re thrust in the shoes of a capable soldier in the distinguished 101st Airborne Division, and you’ve done the impossible: you’ve secured the German bunker in Normandy, and it’s up to you, with all your wits and skills, to defend it from the opposing army at all costs. Command has issued you plenty of orders to follow through, and you must perform all of these to the best of your ability to leave a mark on the history books as a model soldier.

In between combat encounters, you must manage your own needs as well as the base’s upkeep to survive the harsh war-torn environment. Cooking meals to gather your strength, as well as scavenging for supplies from fallen soldiers will keep you alive in between the firefights, and you can also opt to send messages to command for supplies - encoded of course.

Once you’ve got all that nailed down, you’re then thrust into combat with enemy units, with a plethora of missions you must carry out to become a renowned soldier. Use everything at your disposal, from machine guns to anti-aircraft guns and anti-tank cannons to stave off the oncoming forces, and stand your ground to become a man of renown through your heroic exploits in WW2.

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