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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (EU)
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Buying The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Europe

Xbox fans living in Europe like Germany, France, Italy and more could have the chance to explore the platform and console further with this subscription in hand. The game pass subscription could easily unlock a whole new world of gaming for avid gamers and newbies alike.

Plus, if you’re afraid to take the leap, there’s an option for you to just try it out for a month and see how it goes. If you enjoy it, then you can continue to extend your membership and if you don’t, then it ends there. You can even get it at a cheap price on our site, so no worries!

Difference Between Xbox Game Pass Ultimate & Xbox Live Gold

Online Multiplayer

Since the game pass subscription is inclusive of Xbox Live Gold, you can access the same online multiplayer games and services. That is the one thing the two subscriptions have in common, but it would definitely be more worth it to get the game pass as you can access so much more at a decent price.

Everything is included in the Ultimate subscription package, so you won’t have to worry about not having a certain service or feature for your Xbox console or PC.

More Games To Access

Since Xbox Live Gold is only for multiplayer games, the game pass allows for more games for you to play and adventure through. Live Gold only grants you four free games a month while the game pass grants you access to more than a dozen free games a month.

If you’re someone that spends all day gaming and would enjoy exploring the many different games the Xbox platform has to offer, you might want to consider getting this Microsoft game pass for your PC or console instead.

Extra Features

With the game pass, you could access EA Play services as well and don’t have to purchase their individual subscription as it is already included. Access to EA Play grants you access to EA games, more rewards and EA members-only content. You’ll also have exclusive access to any in-game content perks and partner offers when you subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate, unlike Xbox Live Gold.

You’ll also get access to Xbox Cloud Gaming where you can stream certain game titles from your consoles to Android devices with access through Bluetooth controllers and touch controls. They’re still working out the details for the PC versions for now, so that’s something to look forward to in the future!

Payment Methods for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Europe

At OffGamers, we boast a wide range of payment methods available for those who are looking to shop on our site so you can shop for your products with ease. Our customers in Europe have a preference for Adyen, PayPal, Moneybookers, Webmoney and offline payment methods to settle their transactions.

Either way, we’ve got all kinds of credit cards, online banks, e-wallets and more for you to discover on our site. We even offer instant email delivery and some promotions and discounts for you to get your products at a cheap price.

For more information on our available payment methods, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions on The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Europe

How to redeem Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Europe?

Here are the steps to redeeming the Game Pass Ultimate:
1. Navigate to the Xbox website and log in.
2. When you click on your profile picture, select Redeem Code.
3. Type in your code and click Next to proceed.

How to cancel Xbox Ultimate Game Pass subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by signing into your Xbox account. Under Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, click on Payment & Billing, then click Cancel.

Do you get free games with Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, that is the main purpose of the Xbox Game Pass - to give you a chance to experience more games at a lower cost.

How to keep games longer on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

If you want to continue playing games when they leave the Game Pass, you would need to purchase the game itself.
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