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Improve your live streaming experience with the XSplit Broadcaster license for cheap at OffGamers! Instant delivery, 24/7 support, and seasonal discount promos await you at our website, so what are you waiting for? Buy XSplit Broadcaster today and enjoy high quality production, limitless customisation, and various plugins and extensions!

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XSplit Broadcaster (Global)
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Getting The XSplit Broadcaster Subscription

The XSplit Broadcaster license is worth getting if you’re a streamer or someone who wants to start streaming. This subscription could help you create a livelier stream that makes everything more fun and exciting for your viewers.

Not only that, you can even record your screen to save the fun moments in your stream and upload them for the people that missed out. We have the best price plan in store for you if you choose to shop with us, so don’t hesitate if you’re looking to buy XSplit Broadcaster for cheap from us today!

Getting Started With XSplit Broadcaster

Limitless Customization

With this XSplit Broadcaster subscription, you can do so much more than just record or live stream videos. You can add whatever you like into the video or your live stream by simply dragging and dropping them in. This applies to gifs, videos, pictures, web pages, and any sort of media available.

You can even add video calls to your stream with a click, the customization for this software seems limitless in nature and is worth exploring.

High Quality Production

There is so much you can do with this software that increases the production value of your streams. You can reduce unwanted background noise if you live in noisy areas, you can create custom transitions to move on to the next part of your stream or video, and even tons of animation and broadcast effects for you to explore to make your streams more fun.

You can create a high-quality production value all in one place, on your own. No need for any fancy gear or expensive equipment, just buy XSplit Broadcaster today and you’re set!

Wide Range of Plugins & Extensions

Sometimes, you might think that having this software is not enough and would like to include some more widgets or extensions to make it extra fun. Well, the good news is this XSplit Broadcaster subscription supports a huge selection of plugins and extensions that you might need.

You can add on some fun plugins and extensions like a gamepad visualizer, whiteboard, audio mixer and so much more to make your stream more interactive and fun for your viewers.

Payment Methods For XSplit Broadcaster

We offer various payment options for our customers who choose to shop with us. These payment options cater to customers shopping worldwide, so you won’t have to worry about not being able to purchase your favourite products.

Here are the payment methods our customers tend to use globally:
- PayPal
- Adyen
- Visa
- Mastercard

We’ve got all sorts of credit cards, e-wallets, online banking and payment methods available for you to choose from. Our site even offers instant email delivery to notify you of your purchases as well as some exclusive promotions and discounts when you shop with us. You’ll get some cheap prices and more bang for your buck!

For further details on our available payment options, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions on XSplit Broadcaster

How to redeem XSplit Broadcaster license keycode?

Through the following steps:
1. Log into your XSplit account and go to the redeem page here.
2. Input your XSplit Broadcaster license keycode.
3. A message regarding its validity and duration will be shown, click on Redeem Now.

Is XSplit Broadcaster safe?

Yes, it is. Most have noted it to be a dependable and reliable software for broadcasting their streams and going live.

How to add Guest on XSplit Broadcaster?

You would need to set up a call with your guest beforehand, then follow these steps:
1. Click on Add Source > Screen Capture > Smart Selection or Window Capture
2. Select your active call.

You could add overlays and other presets to make the call more lively and presentable.

How to stream to Twitter with XSplit Broadcaster?

You can only stream to Twitter if you have access to the Media Studio Producer and if you use a custom RTMP by following these steps:
1. Click Create Source
2. Enter a name for your source and select your Region.

Create your own Custom RTMP
1. On Broadcaster click on Broadcast > Set Up New Output > Custom RTMP
2. Copy your Source URL and paste it under the RTMP URL and apply your Stream Key on the Custom RTMP properties.
3. Click on OK.

On Twitter
1. On Broadcaster click the Broadcast menu and select the Custom RTMP you’ve created to start live.
2. On your Media Studio Producer, click Create Broadcast.
3. Enter your Broadcast Name & Category, select your source from the dropdown.
4. Click on Create Broadcast and Tweet to share.
5. To end the broadcast, go to Media Studio Producer and click on End.

How to add XSplit Broadcaster audio into Zoom?

On Zoom, select XSplit Audio (Broadcaster) as your microphone input, so any audio you play in Broadcaster can be heard in Zoom.