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The XSplit VCam Lifetime subscription at OffGamers is just what you need to improve your video quality and even remove backgrounds! Gain access to HD video presentations, excellent blur effects, and top quality backgrounds today and buy for cheap prices, instant delivery, 24/7 support, and fun discount deals only at our website!

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XSplit VCam (Global)
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XSplit VCam Subscription

The XSplit VCam subscription makes removing backgrounds a breeze! Whether it is for your streams, podcasts, job interview applications - the XSplit VCam could help you get rid of those pesky backgrounds and better the quality of your videos.

You don’t need any green screens and professional lighting for clean removal, you don’t even need a super high-quality webcam either. The XSplit VCam software is here to help you look and feel professional without having to spend too much on equipment that you’re not going to continue to use.

Why Subscribe to XSplit VCam

High Quality Backgrounds

Through getting the XSplit VCam subscription, you have access to high-quality backgrounds for your streams, podcasts, talk shows, and more. You can easily look professional, even if you’re not in a professional setting. It’s a quick and efficient fix with the XSplit VCam tool in hand.

Better Blur Effects

With the availability of the blur slider, you could easily give your webcam a Portrait Style effect or a high-quality DSLR look. Your background could easily be blurred to however you like whilst keeping your face and body perfectly clear.

It looks almost cinematic, and you don’t have to worry about your background being a distraction to anyone. Your viewers are there for you, after all, and not your background.

HD Video Presentation

Since a lot of people have started working remotely due to the pandemic, video presentations have become somewhat of a norm. If you truly want to impress your colleagues and partners, you could buy XSplit VCam subscription and start presenting impressive HD quality videos.

You’re here to impress, especially if it’s a job interview or an important client meeting. Go on, feel confident in yourself and get that job!

Payment Methods For XSplit VCam Subscription

We’ve got a wide selection of payment methods available for you to choose from no matter where you’re shopping from in the world. Globally, our customers have a preference for PayPal, Adyen, Visa and Mastercard for their transactions but you can go with whatever you enjoy using.

Our site provides payment methods like e-wallets, online banking, offline payment methods and more for you to explore. Hence, we are sure that you will find a payment method that suits your needs. We even notify you through instant email delivery for your purchases, so you are always aware of your spending.

Another plus point when you shop with us is that we often have some sort of promotion, discount or giveaway going on so you could get your products at a cheaper rate. Just make sure to keep an eye out on our social media pages for more details!

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Frequently Asked Questions on XSplit VCam Subscription

Do I need a separate license for XSplit VCam?

It depends on what type of license you already have. To access XSplit VCam without any watermark, you would need to purchase VCam Premium or the Premium Bundle.

How to improve XSplit VCam?

To get the best use out of the program, make sure you are seated in a well-lit area. You can also try recalibrating the software, the button is found on the top left menu.

Can I use XSplit VCam for free?

Yes, you can but your end product will be watermarked and you cannot use it for commercial use.

How to redeem XSplit VCam license keycode?

Follow the following steps:
1. Go to the XSplit website and log in.
2. You can head directly to their redeem page by clicking here.
3. Enter your license keycode and click on Verify.
4. A confirmation message should show up when it is successfully redeemed.